My main reason for visiting Greece was to check out the Greek Isle of Santorini. One of the most popular destinations in the country, and rightly so! After checking out of my hostel in Athens, I lugged my backpack to the train station and headed for the port. I had purchased a one way ferry ticket the night before (42.50… View Post

After being in Paris for 3 days, it was time to move on to another destination. Where? So touched that you asked! I headed off to the stunning country of Greece. Yes, I know that they were having economical problems in 2015, but as far as I was concerned, that was even more reason to go. Less tourists to compete… View Post

After an early morning flight, I arrived in the City of Lights  (better known as Paris). This was to be my very first time exploring there, and I can’t begin to think of words to explain how overly hyped I was. Okay, let’s be real. Airports are airports no matter where you go. It’s the same procedures you must endure… View Post

After a pleasant jaunt across South America and a subsequent hop over the Atlantic, I finally landed in Madrid. This was to be my first time in Spain, and the only plan I had was to find my hostel and to consume my weight in tapas and beer. Since I was only travelling with carry-on luggage, I made my way to the Public… View Post

I define long haul, as a flight that is 7 hours or more. Be it trans-continental or trans-oceanic, the results are always the same. If you are flying in Economy class, it’s impossible to mistake the experience for a day pass at a Sandals Resort. Airlines are getting greedier than ever before, the seats are normally packed super tightly, and… View Post